Pictured here in front of the Paulding County Seal are Grover Hill third graders.  The Paulding County seal includes the county motto "No Compromise" chosen from the determination of county rebels during the Reservoir War in Antwerp in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  The Reservoir in Antwerp, that had been built to supply water to the Wabash Erie Canal, covered prime farm land.  When the walls were dynamited, it helped spelled the demise of the canal.  No one was ever held responsible for the act.  It was the first time the Ohio Militia had been called to active duty within the state.

The seal also includes a teepee, representing the Native Americans who called this land their home, a swamp (representing the Great Black Swamp), a tree (representing the stand of lumber that sustained the county's economy in the 19th century, and a bald eagle holding the sword of Anthony Wayne.