Paulding County Carnegie Library
Library Apparition

apparition: ap-pa-ri-tion n. 1. a ghostly figure. 2. a sudden or unusual site.



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Ghostly rumors
Ghost stories abound in public libraries throughout the United States.  Usually an unusual, unexplainable event will occur and the rest is left to the shadows and the imagination of the mind.  So it is here at the Paulding County Carnegie Library.

How it all got started
Back in the 1980s the library outsourced the building cleaning to an independent company.  Workers were in the building one night when they looked up and saw a person hovering in the north wing.  The frightened workers refused to return to the library.

When the library was under construction, a tragic accident took the life of one carpenter. Those who follow the "spirit world" might say there is reason for a presence.

There have been the usual books on the floor and other unexplained happenings that served as fodder for the stories.  Local merchants have held "ghost specials" and the library ghost at one time seemed to be a temporary boom for the Village of Paulding economy. 

While the library was undergoing excavation for foundation water-proofing in the late 1990s, the director found a rusty old mule shoe. So maybe even now that mule is wandering around the library, looking for his missing shoe...

The ghost today
As of today, if there is a paranormal event or being among us, he or she has kept rather quiet.  Well... almost. There was that one time when the director and the president of the Board of Trustees were walking towards the elevator.  A large plant just suddenly and violently tipped  to the ground. Fade to "Twilight Zone" music...