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Court House early 1960.jpg (651782 bytes) Columbia Sugar Co.jpg (453708 bytes) Latty House Oldest house in Paulding.jpg (425051 bytes) Junction Bridge.jpg (642590 bytes) First House in Paulding County.jpg (657642 bytes)
View of courthouse
early 1960

Sugar Plant

Latty house, site
of the library
Junction Bridge First house built in Paulding, OH
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Library in 1950's Early Village of Paulding Churches of Paulding Around the Paulding square

Sinn Repair Shop
Paulding, OH

Main St North Payne.jpg (578421 bytes) Tin type Civil War Soldier.jpg (946645 bytes) Early Court House Horse and Buggy.jpg (631389 bytes) wpe2B.jpg (19975 bytes) Old Landmark Elevator Haviland Oh (Jack Boroff).jpg (379260 bytes)

Main Street
Payne, OH

Paulding County
Civil War soldier

Paulding Courthouse with horse and buggy

Early Payne, Ohio street scene

Landmark Elevator
Haviland, OH

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Perry Street
Village of Paulding

Williams & Perry
Village of Paulding

Williams Street
Barnes Hotel
Village of Paulding
Village of Paulding Scene 1909 Main Street
Village of Paulding
Early Paulding County Farmhouse, Cecil area
Eaton Children's Home Memorial

Rulman Coals
Paulding, Ohio
Riverview Fur Farm
Ghost town Knoxdale
Depot  c1900

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