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Paulding County, Ohio
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Early Schools

[Above photo credit:  Abandoned one-room school house in southern Paulding County. Legacy of One-Room Schools by Myrna J. Grove. 2000.]

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Washington Township Schools

Click here to view a map of Washington Township in 1892.

The Historical Hand Atlas of 1882 says that "there are now eleven schools in the township, two of which are for the education of colored youth, and taught by colored teachers. Ten of the buildings are frame and the other one being a log structure."

On December 11, 1868, Jackson Young deeded 1/2 acre of land on hte south side of Hamer road in Section 27 SW Quarter for the Williams School.

A lease given by Harrison Wilson on May 21, 1874 for hte Wilson School in Section 9 (two miles north of Roselms and 3/4 mile east, for 20 years.

The first school teacher in Washington Twp. was Lydia harrell.  School was held in a small log cabin in Section 15 in the year 1843.

There was a "two mile law" which meant that schools were placed so that students were within one mile of their school, as everyone walked to school.

Name of School & Section it was located

Baird, 26
Shafer 1, 12
Knox, 10
Robison, 16
Washington Center, 15
Renner 1, 23
Roselms, 20
Plumb 1, 27
Mandale, 25 (First 2 room school in county.)
Campbell, 1
Shafer 2, 11
Wilson, 9
McClure, 18
Snyder, 8
Renner 2, 23
Pease, 30
Plumb 2, 27

Much more of these schools are in the History of Grover Hill, written by Laurence, R. Hipp.